Producing Direct Mail

Bullseye outsources most of the direct mail production, giving us the flexibility to pick the best production method for each job. By not having equipment in-house, Bullseye's objectivity concerning which process to use is never compromised. A second advantage of outsourcing is that Bullseye is able to leverage its relationships by concentrating its production with a small group of "top-notch" suppliers. This is important, for example, when we are under a tight deadline and need our vendors to work an extra shift or weekends. Finally, by outsourcing, we are able to focus on our core competency, developing database marketing strategy, rather than devoting management resources to production. Quality control is critical. Bullseye safeguards the output by empowering our employees. We do not have functional positions such as production manager or traffic manager because it's too easy to pass on responsibility. Each account executive is in charge of his or her own jobs throughout the entire production process.

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