Constructing and Managing Customer Databases

Bullseye's service typically begins with construction or loading of a client database for analysis. Bullseye has extensive experience with databases from companies such as Centrex, Harland, and Harte-Hanks. In addition, we can receive downloads directly from a client's data warehouse and develop a custom database analysis program. Bullseye's services include:

Database Construction
database consulting - evaluating software alternatives and resource requirements, and developing implementation plans.

database design and development - constructing customized databases for use with extracts from data warehouses. These are usually smaller databases (up to 2 million records) coded in either SQL or Access.

Database Management
campaign management - using a wide array of state-of-the-art query tools and customized routines to extract and manipulate mainframe files for specific direct marketing campaigns.

data hygiene - performing a variety of data processing tasks including data audits, file scrubbing, merge/purge, data enhancement and postal pre-sorts.

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