E-Mail Database Development

The key marketing challenge is building an e-mail database so this new medium can be used effectively. Because permission e-mail marketing is in its infancy, many financial services companies have either not collected customer e-mail addresses or not set up a database field for them. Bullseye is helping our clients build their databases with:

Direct mail – Customers are happy to give out their e-mail addresses, along with permission to use them, in exchange for something valuable such as a premium, a chance to win something big in a sweepstake or even information.

E-mail address appending – For faster collection of e-mail addresses, Bullseye matches customer names and physical addresses against a 100% opt-in e-mail database. We append the "found" addresses to the customer database and e-mail customers an offer to opt-out of future e-mail communications.

Virtual ISP – Bullseye also provides discounted Internet service to help clients collect customer e-mail addresses. Under their own private label, our clients offer discounted access, an opening page that is branded to them (with no ads) and an
e-mail account. The Virtual ISP also aids in retention and drives traffic to our clients' websites.


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